Make Sure Your Drinking Water Is Safe

Schedule a customer service inspection in Weatherford, TX

Texas law requires that all new construction with a private water distribution system must be inspected by a professional to ensure the water is safe for consumption. During your inspection, our plumbing technicians will make sure that no potential sources of contamination exist. We'll identify any potential problem areas and report them to you directly so you can make corrections before they become a bigger issue.

Ensure your residential, commercial or industrial property has healthy drinking water available at all times. Schedule a customer service inspection with Chris' Plumbing LLC.

Inspect your water system for signs of trouble

Inspect your water system for signs of trouble

When it comes to your family’s or employees’ drinking water, you can’t afford to take chances. That’s why Chris’ Plumbing LLC in Weatherford, TX strives to provide superior inspection services. You’ll need to schedule a customer service inspection for:

  • New Construction
  • Remodeling projects that could affect your system
  • Additions to your water distribution system
  • Any incident that might contaminate your system
  • Private well drilling

We can perform an inspection for all of the above instances and more. Consult with Chris’ Plumbing LLC today to discuss your inspection needs. 

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